The Four Pillars of Profitable Investing



AK Equity Group

Before trading at an advanced level, everyone starts off as a beginner. In this first phase, creating a solid foundation is of the utmost importance to achieving your goals.

Every trader, whether a beginner or a pro, can follow these four principles to create a steady, enduring revenue stream. We believe that the more we can simplify the trading process, the easier the process becomes.

Investing Pillar 1: Knowledge

Knowledge is power. To become successful, you need to know what you’re doing. Proactively research to learn as much as you can.

Investing Pillar 2: Trading Platform

The key to the markets is your trading platform. A trading platform is dynamic, user-friendly yet packed with powerful tools. Explore the platform’s possibilities.

Investing Pillar 3: Support Team

Every investor is different; that means that different types of support may be required. When it comes to investing, it’s natural to want to overthink or- at times- overreact to market fluctuations and world events.

An effective financial advisor can help ensure that you stay on track towards your goals and avoid making hasty decisions. Your financial advisor should be part financial expert, part analyst, part strategist and an excellent communicator.

The right financial adviser serves as a kind of emotional circuit breaker, helping to keep you on track to your goals.

Investing Pillar 4: Breaking News

Listen to the news. Whenever news breaks or events occur, the assets you are trading will be affected.

It is important, however, to understand breaking news events within the context of a longer-term perspective. Making investment decisions as a hasty response to world events can lead to costly mistakes. Keeping up-to-date on breaking news ensures that you are well-informed to make investing decisions, but it is key to keep your long-term plan in mind when making any change to your portfolio.


We recognize the markets might seem intimidating to new investors. With so much information, analytical data and constantly changing technology, who wouldn’t be intimidated? However, a little learning to give yourself a solid foundation can really pay off. Investing is one of the best ways to reach the financial goals you’ve set for your life.